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Unleash Your Inner Unicorn | Unicorn Hair & Vibrant Hair Color

Unicorn hair, mermaid hair, vivid colors, vibrant colors, whatever you want to call it, the stylists at All Cut Up Salon can do it!

Are you ready to unleash your inner unicorn? If you have been thinking about trying out a new, dramatic hair color than we have some tips for you!

Dream On Unicorns

The sky is literally the limit when it comes to unicorn hair! If you can dream it, it can be done.


With that being said it may take more than one visit to get you to your goal color. We suggest having a few different ideas and colors you want to try out when meeting with your stylists for a consultation. During your consultation your stylist at All Cut Up Salon will go over what you desire, what can be achieved in each visit, pricing, and long term hair goals.

It’s Time for the Hair of Your Dreams

What to Expect at your Unicorn Color Appointment

The day has finally come for your color appointment! Depending on the vibrant color look you are trying to achieve, you will be in the salon a minimum of 3.5 hours and it could be up to 6 hours.

At All Cut Up Salon in Union Grove, we offer all guests a complimentary snack and beverage bar as well as all the gossip magazines you can read in the time you spend in your stylists’ chair. However, please feel free to bring entertainment, snacks, drinks, etc.

Total Unicorn, Unicorn Highlights, Unicorn Balayage, and More

Timing will depend on the look desired (are you doing all over unicorn hair, unicorn highlights or balayage, etc), your natural hair color, any previous color on the hair, and length and thickness of you hair.

The first step will be to lighten your hair to a light blonde color. If you have previous hair color or dark natural hair, your stylist may not be able to safely lighten your hair to achieve your dream unicorn hair in one visit. If this sounds like your hair, you should consider darker vivid colors or jewel tone colors (blue, purple, green, etc).

The goal of all of the stylists at All Cut Up Salon is to meet their clients needs and wants while not damaging the hair. Sometimes this means, you have to make a plan and timeline to achieve your hair goals. Trust us, we’ll help you unleash your inner unicorn – it may just take a few visits to reach ultimate unicorn status.

Lighten Up!

The reason we lighten the hair is to open the hair cuticle to allow the vibrant color to penetrate further into the hair to help it last longer. If we can get to a light blonde then you can literally have any color possible including pastels, jewels, neons, and more! We ask that you please trust your stylist if they don’t suggest going too light in one visit as we would rather you have healthy unicorn hair than damaged hair. Not to mention, healthy hair holds onto hair color better!

Once your hair is lightened to the appropriate stage of blonde, you will be rinsed and possibly toned if your stylist deems necessary. Most stylists will tone if an even blonde color was not achieved. The toner will even everything out which allows your unicorn color to absorb evenly. After the toner (or the initial rinse if no toner is needed) you will be dried and then the fun begins. It’s time to apply your unicorn hair! Once the unicorn hair color been applied and processed, you will be rinsed with cool water and then styled.

Mane-taining Your Unicorn Mane at Home

That might be the ultimate dad joke of vivid hair colors at All Cut Up Salon. ?‍?

You’ve unleashed your inner unicorn, but like all good things, it does require maintenance out of the salon. All vibrant colors are semi-permanent so they are meant to slowly wash out of the hair. We do suggest a few things to help the color last longer:

  • The less you wash your hair the better! We suggest 1 – 2 times per week. (Ask your stylist which dry shampoo would be best for your hair the extend time between washes.)

  • Ice, ice, baby. Well, it doesn’t have to be that cold, but it’s best to wash your hair in the coolest water you can tolerate. Hot water opens up the hair cuticle, which is where the vivid colors live in the hair, so every time you use hot water it washes more color out of your hair and down the drain.

  • Pick the right shampoo! Your stylists can recommend a high quality, sulfate – free, moisturizing, reparative shampoo to help extend the life of your unicorn color.

  • Concentrate on the scalp when washing your hair and let the suds rinse over the ends.

  • Rock those second day curls or join the space bun revolution! Use heat tools as little as possible and make sure to use a heat protectant to prevent from further damage.

Mane-tain Your Unicorn Mane at the Salon

As far as salon maintenance it’s completely up to you! As we like to say embrace the fade and all the different looks you get with it!

Everyone’s journey is different. Some unicorns are in every 6-8 weeks refreshing their current color while others may change it up every time or wait longer in between each appointment. If we were able to get your hair to the desired lightness you may not have to lighten at every visit (some who go the balayage route only lighten 2 times a year!)

Not Ready to Commit?

If you aren’t sure you are ready for the commitment of unicorn hair, but still want to experiment we can help with that too! Depending on your natural color and your desired color, we can put unicorn colors on your natural color. The lighter your hair color the better this will turn out. Generally, it will not last as long on your natural hair as it would on lightened hair.

We also offer colored conditioners [Aloxxi Instaboost] that we can do in the salon and you can purchase for at home use as well. If you go either of these routes, we still suggest following the at home maintenance we suggested earlier.

Now that you have all the unicorn deets it’s time to schedule that hair appointment!

Call the salon at 262-878-6455 to schedule your appointment today.


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