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Battle of Box Dyes

Box Dye Vs. Salon Hair Color

I am sure you have asked yourself more than once if professional hair color is worth the price. For many reasons including professional expertise, continuing education, customized colors, and the health of your hair the answer is a resounding YES!!

When going to see a professional hairstylist in a hair salon they will provide a thorough consultation. A hair color consultation includes assessing your current hair for present color and/or amount of grey, texture, and porosity (essentially determining the health of your hair). Professional stylists also make recommendations based off your face shape, lifestyle, desired maintenance schedule, and budget. Our goal is set up a hair color plan to realistically achieve your desired hair color, while keeping your hair healthy.

Most hairstylists pride themselves in continuing their education throughout their career. By taking advanced courses it not only allows them to keep up with the latest hair trends and advance their technical skills but also use the best products to keep your hair in optimal health. The hair world, especially hair color, is always evolving and changing and the best way to keep up is education.

I Don’t Know What Happened; I Followed the Box Dye Directions

When a hairstylist goes to mix your hair color formula it is never as straight forward as taking a box off the shelf and mixing with developer.

Developer is what activates the color to deposit, or lift the hair. Developers come in different strengths to meet different needs. When a hairstylist goes to mix your color they consider everything listed during the consultation and generally mix multiple tones to get your desired shade and then pick the appropriate developer.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

When choosing a box at the store you are getting a box dye formulated to work on almost any hair type. Depending on your hair type, the boxed color and developer may be too strong, not strong enough, not enough pigment to cover grey, etc. for your hair. This is why one time your hair may be perfect when colored at home but the next time with the same exact box it is different.

Our hair is always changing due to environment, heat tools, chemical services, hormones, and more. The second time you use boxed hair dye, your hair is different than the first time and you likely will not get the same results with the same boxed hair color. By creating custom formulas we can make sure you reach your goal color while keeping your hair healthy.

Not to mention, all of our salon hair color services at All Cut Up come with a guarantee that you will like the result of your hair color. Does your boxed hair dye come with that same guarantee?

We didn’t think so!

Salon Professionals Formulate Hair Color For Healthy Hair

For professional hairstylists the health of your hair is of utmost importance. Every chemical service whether it be color, highlights, perm, or straightening alters the health of the hair. Without the knowledge of what is in a box of hair color from the store or the strength of the ingredients, you cannot be sure what you are doing to your hair health wise. Not to mention the daily toll that is taken on your hair with such things as heat tools, sun, wind, chlorine and fluorescent lighting. When your stylists goes to formulate your hair color, we again take all of this into consideration to ensure your hair doesn’t become over processed which leads to breakage, frizz, and brittle, lifeless hair. Healthy hair is beautiful, shiny, and full of life!

As you can see much more goes on than just ripping open a box of hair color and dumping it all together to give you your dream hair. Remember, each time you color your hair (with box dyes or professionally), you are chemically altering the state of your hair. The next time you consider coloring your hair yourself think of the health of your hair and the lack of professional expertise and you may just decide a visit to the salon is what you need!


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