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Love is in the Hair - Wedding Season

Hello wedding season! It’s that time of year again where wedding parties start to fill up the books at All Cut Up Salon.

Every year to kick off the season, us ladies at All Cut Up Salon attend a bridal showcase. A bridal showcase is where tons of wedding vendors come together and show off what is new and happening in the wedding world: from trends and styles to decor and cakes. The bridal show case is also great way to meet and connect with new brides!

Having a wedding party in the salon is always exciting. We love hearing all the stories and getting in on the wedding buzz. Working with a bride is a favorite of mine.

“Being a bride myself, I find it not only important to create a beautiful look for the bride but to connect with them as well.” -Gabby

Understanding and knowing all of the planning and details that go into a wedding, we want our parties to enjoy and relax in a stress free atmosphere. That being said, if you have “I Do’s” in your feature, here are some tips to help you plan your special day in the salon.

First Things First: Wedding Hair Styles

To get things started, we ask our brides to select at bridal package suitable for them.

Download a PDF of our bridal packages here: All Cut Up Wedding

“How do I know what package is right for me?”

Let us help! You can visit our Bridal Center to get started and review our services. We like to set up all new brides and bridal parties with a quick consultation to go through your options and answer any questions you may have.

Choosing a bridal package gives us girls at All Cut Up Salon a guideline to assure that all the services that you are interested in are booked accordingly and met. This will help keep your services organized, leave out any confusion, and keep your bridal budget in check.

Wedding Hair Style Trial

“Should I book a trial?”


Booking a trial appointment is highly recommended. This allows me or your stylist to get to know you and the hair they are working with.

Pictures are always great! I suggest finding a few you are interested in trying, that way we have options and can create a perfect look that works best for you. Pinterest will be your best friend if it isn’t already.

Please take into consideration of the time of year and weather the day of your wedding. Wearing your hair down with curls may not be comfortable on a hot summer day.

If you plan on wearing a vail, head piece, or any other accessories, please bring them along to your trial as well. We want you to leave your trial feeling confident with the idea of your look for your wedding day.

If you’re looking for wedding vails and hair accessories, you can check out your bridal dress shop or another great place to look is Etsy!

Here are a few of my favorites from Etsy. (Click on the photo to be directed to the Etsy Seller’s Store).

Bridal Makeup

When it comes to makeup, we understand that it isn’t for everybody. I believe that staying true to you is important. Your makeup doesn’t have to be dramatic, like you might see in all of the wedding magazines! We want to create a fresh and elegant look that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable in.

Adding a pop of lipstick or applying false eyelashes is a great way to give you that “WOW” look you are looking for.

It’s also a great way to enhance your photos.

The Big Day-Your Dream Wedding Day

Today’s the day! I’ve probably sucked down six cups of coffee while we’ve prepped the salon with pins, hairspray, and mimosas.

To assure that your visit with us stays on point, we ask that everyone with appointments in the wedding party arrives on time. Time is so important. We want to be able to dedicate enough time to everyone in the bridal party and make sure no one ever feels rushed. At All Cut Up, our goal is to make sure your hair and makeup on the day of your wedding is a stress free experience.

Please come with your hair prepped how your stylist asked. Day old hair usually works best when styling updos. We wouldn’t want to spend extra time washing or blow drying hair, as that takes time away from the original appointment.

During your appointment, please be honest with your stylist. Do not hesitate if something doesn’t look or feel right. I promise you won’t hurt our feelings. This goes for brides, the bridal party, mother’s of the bride, mother in laws, and anyone else who will be getting their hair styled.

At All Cut Up Salon, we want to adjust and make changes right away to be sure we achieve your desired look.

Details & Final Touches for Your Wedding Day

Everything is coming together and you and your bridal party are looking marvelous!! After we finish with hair and makeup, I will apply any hair pieces and accessories you brought. I will ask if there are any final touches or details you wish to have. One final spray…… and a smile from a bride that seals the deal!

Happy Wedding Season from Gabs and all the girls at All Cut Up Salon!

Are you a bride and looking for more information about our wedding services? You can find more photos of our bridal styles on our Facebook Page or follow us on Instagram. If you have any questions (really, any questions at all!), please do not hesitate to reach out to us at the salon. You can call us at 262-878-6455.



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