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We Would Like To Introduce You To...

Our newest line of products: Davines

Welcome to the World of Sustainable Beauty with Davines

Davines (pronunciation: DA-vi-ness) was founded by the Bollati family in Parma, Italy in 1983 as a high-end haircare research lab. After a decade of honing our expertise and formulas, the Davines brand was created. Davines products are still made in Parma today with a combination of the highest-quality natural ingredients and scientific rigor.

Davines Beauty + Sustainability

Since 1996, Davines has been creating luxurious haircare products with the highest-quality ingredients. For more than 20 years, the Davines tagline has been “beauty + sustainability”—for they believe you can’t have one without the other. Davines prides themselves on celebrating priorities such as sustainability, biodiversity, and social good.

Davines Product Lines

Every hair type merits its own targeted treatment, which is why All Cut Up Salon carries many different Davines collections. All of the Davines products use many biodegradable ingredients and packaging.

Each of the Davines families feature an active ingredient at the risk of extinction: such as Fiascheeto heirloom tomatoes in the NOUNOU collection, caper blossom extract in the MINU collection, and olive oil extract from Messina, Italy in the LOVE collection.

Hair textures aren’t created equal, so why should your products be?

Ask your stylist which Davines products would work for your hair.

Find Out More About the Davines Line

If you are looking for more information, you can visit the Davines website and the Davines Blog.

Are you Ready to Know More About the Davines Products?

Check out the Davines Blog: "The Top Davines Hair Care Products According to Stylists" here. Another quick read "The Best Davines Shampoo and Conditioner, According to Your Hair Type" can be found here.


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